Shirley and Jen, both long-term DB residents, met in 2020 playing beach tennis on Tai Pak beach. Initially fierce competitors, their competitiveness soon blossomed (pardon the pun) into friendship over the requisite post match coffee and cake. A thoroughly deserved reward after 2hours of cardio!

It soon became clear that they shared more than a love of coffee. Both have a creative side matched with a love of flowers and agreed that there was a lack of options in DB and so Espresso Blooms was born with their signature bundle - 10 stem roses.

Why roses? 
Why roses? Simple really. They effortlessly bring a sense of calm, an aura of bliss and of course romance to the home. 

January 2021, S and J are at the start of their journey so follow them in IG and FB to watch how this budding (sorry, couldn’t resist) enterprise grows.
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